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Debby Riordan, Head of School 

​Debby Riordan's commitment to the Montessori philosophy and education has led her into many roles through the years.  Debby founded Southlake Montessori with three women and served as the first Head of School before working diligently with the Association Montessori International of the United States (AMI/USA).

She has found her way back to Southlake Montessori, however, where she currently is the Head of School, the Lead Elementary Guide and continues to serve on the Board with two of the other original three founders.  Debby also is the Founding Director of Montessori360 which serves to support parents faculty and administrators.

Debby also taught at the elementary level for several years.  She has a Master's Degree in Developmental Psychology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and, of course, holds her AMI Elementary Diploma from the Montessori Center of Minnesota.  

She is grateful to her own children who through their experiences in Montessori cemented her passion to raise awareness about and support this approach which provides not only optimal developmental opportunity for children, but also hope for the future leaders who are not only knowledgeable but compassionate, globally aware, inclusive human beings.

​Debby lives with her husband, Steve, and their dog Buster in Las Colinas.