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head of school

DEBRA L. RIORDAN,Head of School

As the Head of School, Debby Riordan is leading Southlake Montessori into this exciting opportunity for children.  For 20 years, Mrs. Riordan has been involved in Montessori education.  She was first introduced to the philosophy as a parent to four Montessori children, serving in leadership roles in parent organizations and on school boards.  It was through these experiences that Mrs. Riordan saw the gifts of a Montessori education unfold through her children and her passion for sharing this gift with all children grew.  She went on to obtain her AMI Elementary diploma and has taught in both Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms.  She also has served as the Associate Head of School at an AMI Montessori school. 

Most recently, Mrs. Riordan was chosen for the AMI/USA board.  She also assisted in the AMI/USA and AMS joint effort to map the Common Core State Standards to AMI Montessori Math and Language curriculum, and now co-chairs the CCSS Implementation Support Group.  She also continues to serve on the Montessori Alliance of Texas Guiding Coalition as co-chair of that national AMI/AMS advocacy group.  Mrs. Riordan is an inspector for the AMI Teachers of Texas (AMITOT),. and serves on the board of the Montessori Institute of Texas.  In addition to Montessori school in-service workshops, her recent speaking engagements include presentations at the Texas Montessori Association, the Public Montessori Educators of Texas Annual Conference and a Montessori Institute of Texas member meeting.  She also conducted a full-day Parent Workshop at the AMI Annual Refresher Course in Houston, and completed a nationwide study of 355 Montessori parents on their perceptions of Montessori education.  Before her work at Southlake Montessori, Mrs. Riordan founded Montessori360, a consulting firm dedicated to the support of authentic Montessori initiatives.

Prior to her interest and work in Montessori education, Mrs. Riordan was a marketing research consultant to numerous educational and healthcare institutions, advertising agencies, manufacturers and retailers. 

In addition to her AMI Elementary diploma, Mrs. Riordan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology.