“My son started Southlake Montessori when he was as little as 3 and as a mother I was very anxious. Needless to say Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Elin not only made me feel comfortable but were always available for any questions and they welcomed my son warmly. In no time my son not only got comfortable with his class but also made a very positive connection with his guide. He has learned so much and developed a great enthusiasm and urge to learn more. 

Southlake Montessori is equipped with beautiful lessons/ work for primary and elementary classrooms. They offer plenty opportunities to parents to be a part of their child’s learning through observations, news letters, lectures and conferences. That gave me so much of insight and helped me understand my son better. They are a close connected family with so much love and care for your child. I admire my son’s guide and head of school Ms. Elin and Ms. Jennifer respectively for their tons of patience, love, guidance and enthusiasm in their profession which gives me as parent so much comfort as I drop him every morning! Southlake Montessori has and is always going to be a milestone in our lives.”  - Riddhi P.

"Our family has been a part of the Southlake Montessori community for 3 years and I cannot imagine a better place for my children, Olivia and Josephine, to be spending their childhood.  The leadership, instructors and staff at the school have always risen above and beyond my expectations. Southlake Montessori has always provided a loving, nurturing, and engaging environment for my children.  My children love to go to school, they love their teachers and their classmates, and we must not forget all of the animals!" - Mikaela W.

​​​​Phone: 817.557.7520