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"We have been more than pleased with the education and friendship that SL Montessori has to offer. We enrolled our daughter Evyn at SL Montessori the minute she turned three - we couldn't wait for her to experience all that an AMI certified school had to offer. All of her teachers and assistants have had an unobtrusive, yet incredibly impactful role in her classroom, and ultimately on all of the children. Our daughter has had the benefit of individual instruction through daily lessons that interest her and meet her where she is at in her learning. She has also had the opportunity to teach and lead others as she becomes the expert. The SL Montessori focus has been about self-discovery and self-correction and as a result, our daughter is developing into a confident, compassionate kid, empowered to realize her full potential in a calm, but engaging environment. We know we made the right choice in selecting SL Montessori for Evyn's learning and can't wait to see what she discovers next." - The Buck Family

"Our three children (14yo, 12yo, 4.5yo) have had the great fortune to experience Montessori Schools as early as their first year of life. We are keen believers in authentic Montessori pedagogy and are so grateful for Southlake Montessori’s commitment to a true AMI education. The classroom guides have encouraged an inner passion which we believe will assure life-long learning, leadership, gratitude, compassion, and courage. We have supported Southlake Montessori since its beginnings, five short years ago, and have seen tangible results from the honest leadership, healthy community, and Board commitment to the children. While we reside within an excellent and highly rated public school district, we could not be more confident in our decision to have enrolled our children at Southlake Montessori." - The Greenberg Family


     "When we started looking at schools for our oldest son, we had no idea about Montessori education. We were looking for a place that was safe for him, where he would be able to express himself with freedom but at the same time with loving guidance. That's how we ended up learning what Montessori was about, what the AMI certification meant, and what Southlake Montessori had to offer.
     After touring several schools, we realized the AMI certification wasn't just a stamp. The quality of the materials, the fact that every single thing in the classroom had a place and a purpose, and the expert guidance from professionals who understand and respect each kid as an independent human being are the things that ultimately made us choose Southlake Montessori.
     Being new to Montessori education initially made becoming a Montessori parent somewhat challenging for us, but Southlake Montessori staff always made themselves available to answer our questions, teach  and demonstrate us how this education works and, most importantly, show us how our own son had been adapting to the classroom and thriving in it.
     We are thankful to have found a school and a community that respects and guides the educational process of every kid. We can't wait to have our youngest son start a Montessori journey of his own!" - The Olmos Family

“My son started Southlake Montessori when he was as little as 3 and as a mother I was very anxious. Needless to say Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Elin not only made me feel comfortable but were always available for any questions and they welcomed my son warmly. In no time my son not only got comfortable with his class but also made a very positive connection with his guide. He has learned so much and developed a great enthusiasm and urge to learn more. 

Southlake Montessori is equipped with beautiful lessons/ work for primary and elementary classrooms. They offer plenty opportunities to parents to be a part of their child’s learning through observations, news letters, lectures and conferences. That gave me so much of insight and helped me understand my son better. They are a close connected family with so much love and care for your child. I admire my son’s guide and head of school Ms. Elin and Ms. Jennifer respectively for their tons of patience, love, guidance and enthusiasm in their profession which gives me as parent so much comfort as I drop him every morning! Southlake Montessori has and is always going to be a milestone in our lives.”  - Riddhi P.

"Our family has been a part of the Southlake Montessori community for 3 years and I cannot imagine a better place for my children, Olivia and Josephine, to be spending their childhood.  The leadership, instructors and staff at the school have always risen above and beyond my expectations. Southlake Montessori has always provided a loving, nurturing, and engaging environment for my children.  My children love to go to school, they love their teachers and their classmates, and we must not forget all of the animals!" - Mikaela W.

     "I started looking for a Montessori school for my oldest daughter when she was 3 years old. I attended a Montessori school when I was young, and have such beautiful fond memories of it, I wanted her to have the same experience. I found a Montessori school close to the home that we had just purchased in a new state. The experience was wonderful and I quickly learned that not all schools with the Montessori name, are the same. Just by chance, this school happened to be an AMI accredited school offering an authentic approach to supporting the natural development of children. I had never really known there was a difference between Montessori schools, but the AMI accreditation is important when searching for schools for your child. The highly trained teachers help guide and enable children to blossom into the best version of themselves and to coexist peacefully and harmoniously among their peers.
     Later, my youngest daughter started at this school when she was three and after her first year, we found out we were moving to Texas. I looked on the AMI website to see if there were schools in the area in to which she could transfer. The AMI experience was a must for us. Thankfully, I saw Southlake Montessori on the list! Once we moved, I set up a tour and I was so delighted to see that almost everything was identical to our beloved school that we left. The guides were so gentle and warm and the environment so lovingly organized for optimal learning!
     Southlake Montessori is such a premier learning environment for children. The practical life curriculum is every bit as important as learning math and to read and write. The warm and gentle atmosphere along with the meticulously prepared environment is something you cannot find at any other school. The guides are keenly aware of each child’s individual abilities and overjoyed at their progression of each level. The AMI experience has been wonderful for both of my children and I will be forever grateful for the love and attention they received from such talented and educated guides. As adults, I know they will look back fondly on these years as I did and will want to do the same for their children!" - Meredith M.